What's The Best Thing To Put Inside A Duvet Cover?
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What's The Best Thing To Put Inside A Duvet Cover?

Sep 21, 2023

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When decorating your bedroom, it takes a long time to figure out how you want it to look, as you have to consider different themes, decor, color palettes, and furniture. Yet, bedding is the most essential thing to pick carefully. There are many options, such as style, color, thickness, and fluffiness. However, one way to choose what bedding to put on your bed is by using a duvet cover — they are large bags you fill with an insert like a standard duvet insert, comforter, quilt, or blanket. Duvet covers are so much easier to clean than comforters. A standard duvet insert is best to put inside a duvet cover. The cover protects the insert, so you won't have to worry about getting it dirty if you want to purchase higher quality, more expensive insert.

Duvet inserts are made with a lower thread count in order to be lightweight, but they're still slightly plush and cozy. Moreover, some duvet inserts are made with more fill, such as a down or down alternative, making them slightly thicker and much warmer. Down filling is derived from duck or goose feathers, while down alternative uses synthetic and natural materials. Duvet inserts are stitched to have small chambers or squares that are equally filled so that the fill doesn't move around while you're sleeping or when it's washed.

There are various types of duvet inserts to choose from in different colors, sizes, and prices. Duvet inserts can be expensive, but we've rounded up some affordable options for you to check out. Target's subway down alternative duvet insert from St. James Home that in twin, full, queen, and king sizes that range in price between $50.99 to $57.99. The duvet insert is only available in white, which can be used in any duvet color without showing through. It's different from standard duvet inserts; the St. James Home duvet insert has a subway-style stitch that gives the insert a different look as opposed to classic inserts have larger square-shaped stitching. It's made with a polyester fill and microfiber lining, making it lightweight.

Another ideal affordable duvet insert is from Bare Home. They have a white duvet insert in twin, twin XL, full, queen, oversized queen, king, and oversized king sizes that range in price between $39.99 to $64.99. Some of its features include premium microfiber, so it's breathable, hypoallergenic, and comfortable. It has four loops that attach to the duvet cover's corners. In addition, it has soft-brushing technology, which means that it's made to be durable and softer. The Utopia duvet insert is another budget-friendly pick, and it features a box stitch and availability in sizes twin to California king. It ranges in price from $24.99 to $38.99.