10 Years Before Barbie, Ryan Gosling Had a Brilliant Idea to Insert His Hand into Dead Mom's Womb Scene
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10 Years Before Barbie, Ryan Gosling Had a Brilliant Idea to Insert His Hand into Dead Mom's Womb Scene

Sep 30, 2023

bySonali VermaAugust 1, 2023, 4:08 pm

Ryan Gosling is a well-established name in Hollywood. Throughout his career, the actor has appeared in many incredible films and proven his versatility. A decade ago, Gosling appeared in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives. Gosling has not just acted in the film but has also contributed to it by giving an idea for a scene.

The movie contains some brutal content, and Gosling is the mastermind behind one such scene. However, the scene he contributed to was quite bizarre for the audience to decode, but the whole movie was no less than a Masterpiece.

In 2013, Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn collaborated on a film and delivered a masterpiece. Gosling is not just the lead protagonist of the film; his contribution is way more than that. The actor is seen portraying the role of an American refugee, Julian, who runs a boxing club as a front for drug dealing. Though the film is undoubtedly a masterpiece, it isn’t meant for faint-hearted people as it includes some brutal scenes.

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One such disturbing scene in the movie is when Julian meets his dead mother. The scene is very uncomfortable for the audience as Julian sticks his hand into his dead mother’s womb. The scene indeed has the capacity to shake the viewer from the inside. Interestingly, the idea for this horrifying scene came out of Gosling’s mind.

The film received mixed reactions from critics, as some praised the aesthetics of the film while others criticized it for its excessive violence.

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Ryan Gosling is renowned as a heartthrob in Hollywood. The actor has given some incredible performances but is popularly known for his work in La La Land and The Notebook. The actor has always kept a clean image of a sweet, charming person; however, Gosling is one such actor in Hollywood who literally slays any genre.

The actor’s journey in Hollywood and the list of his films look like a roller coaster ride, as they are a mix of various emotions. On the one hand, Gosling has made people cry with his heart-touching film Notebook; he has also appeared as a rouge in Only God Forgives. Looking at these roles, it can be said that no one else could have performed them better than him.

Gosling recently appeared in the film Barbie alongside Margot Robbie.

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