Making 3D measurements even easier
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Making 3D measurements even easier

Jul 11, 2023

ABERLINK just launched its new Fulcrum Manual CMM. The Fulcrum is a revolutionary manual CMM employing three rotary axes to create a compact and portable design suitable for use where it is needed, on the shop floor near machine tools. Designed to optimise inspection as parts come off the machine one op at a time, feeding back to the machining process at the earliest opportunity, before final inspection.

A simpler user interface has been developed for Aberlink measurement software, making it even easier to use on a manual CMM, while retaining full functionality. After manually scanning the part, critical features are automatically recognised, and dimensions are automatically displayed. Intuitive software and innovative design mean parts can be measured within minutes of switching on the Fulcrum CMM, even with no prior operating experience.

It will quickly become the tool of choice for jump-on, ad-hoc inspection, whether checking 1st off inspection, small batch quality control, or setting CNC machines. The Fulcrum CMM is particularly easy to learn and use.

The whole philosophy for Aberlink is to make measurement easy. Aberlink 3D software has been written by engineers for engineers and sets the industry standard for simple-to-use software. As a component is measured a representation of it is built up on the screen. The user simply clicks on the measured features to call up dimensions exactly as they would appear on a drawing. “We have tailored our software around the Fulcrum giving you a responsive and intuitive experience to measure your parts at every step of your machining process. Software features can be easily mapped to magnetic soft buttons allowing you to perform all aspects of your measurement without taking your hands off the machine by simply hovering over the buttons to switch between different measuring modes. Inspection reports can be in the form of fully dimensioned graphical representations as created on the screen, or tabulated reports in various formats that can show nominals, tolerances, errors, pass/fails, geometric tolerances etc,” the company says.

These reports can all be output as an Excel spreadsheet.

Popular throughout the world, Aberlink’s measurement software provides the user with a powerful, yet easy-to-use interface. This substantially increases component throughput and vastly reduces the learning period for new users.

Key Features include:

Caldeaz will demonstrate this little machine, along with its Kreon scanning systems and 3D printers, at their stand D3.