AlgoLaser Alpha 22W: Powerful laser engraving machine presented
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AlgoLaser Alpha 22W: Powerful laser engraving machine presented

Aug 15, 2023

The company AlgoLaser is launching the Alpha 22W, a powerful laser engraving machine. The device is offered at a heavily reduced price at the sales launch and should be able to satisfy even demanding engraving fans. The manufacturer promises a lot in this regard: the 22-watt machine is said to be as powerful as a 33-watt engraver.

AlgoLaser promises the new Alpha 22W machine is the most powerful 22-W engraver on the market. The second-generation COS technology used is said to be largely responsible for this. With this new technology, AlgoLaser says it has been able to realize a 40 percent smaller focus point compared to the previous model. The laser spots in the Alpha 22 W take on an almost square shape, which ultimately increases performance noticeably compared to conventional lasers. The focus point measures 0.05 x 0.06 mm at the lowest level and 0.16 x 0.14 mm at the highest level. In total, the 22-watt diode laser, which is located on a metal housing, is capable of processing an area of 40 x 40 cm. To do this, it must be connected via WLAN to an app (LaserGBRL, Lightburn or AlgoLaser app), which is used for further control.

All kinds of materials can be processed with this powerful laser. AlgoLaser gives some examples of this. For example, 30 mm thick pine wood can be cut through in a single pass. The same applies to ten mm thick black acrylic glass and a stainless steel plate with a thickness of 0.1 mm. As the material gets thicker, the number of passes needed to cut through it completely also increases. For example, 20 mm thick oak wood is cut through in five passes, 45 mm thick black acrylic in fifteen.

With all of this, there are more than 500 colors that can be used to design the processed material. The color variations are created by the oxidation of stainless steel material during the engraving process.

In addition, the mainboard and firmware of the laser engraving machine are to contribute to the high performance. Here, AlgoLaser again relies on a further development of the previously used technology. The dual-core CPU in particular is supposed to ensure enormous working speeds. In this regard, AlgoLaser speaks of a 32 percent higher CPU performance, a 50 percent improvement in energy efficiency and an 80 percent reduction in charging time compared to competitor products that also work with WiFi 2.4G.

In addition, the manufacturer relies on an enormous memory for the Alpha 22 W. Thus, the laser engraver has eight MB RAM, eight MB internal memory and a 32 GB SD card. The memory can be expanded both via SD card and OTA.

The device is not only fast when charging, but also when engraving. The manufacturer promises speeds of up to 400 mm per second here. AlgoLaser claims to have conducted a speed test in which a 210×280 mm black-and-white image was engraved within 36 minutes. Competing products take 270 minutes to engrave the image, according to AlgoLaser. This includes common 20-W engravers such as the Laser Master 3 from Ortur.

Furthermore, the Alpha 22 W is equipped with smart temperature monitoring, which is designed to protect against overheating and resulting fires. The air pressure is also automatically controlled. These control functions can in turn be controlled via one of the compatible apps. Meanwhile, an exhaust pump simply connected to the laser engraving machine removes smoke from the work surface, ensuring that work can be carried out particularly safely and efficiently. Rounding out the features are a number of safety functions, offline usage options and an overall user-friendly design.

Available now, the AlgoLaser Alpha 22 W laser engraving machine is available at a reduced price of $799. The regular price is $1099. In addition, there are some other perks at the launch. The offers are valid until September 14.